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Welcome to the Hercules Transit Center Parking Permit Purchasing Center

The City of Hercules Bay Area Rapid Transit District (BART) and West Contra Costa Transit Authority (WestCAT) park and ride lot is located on Willow Avenue near the I-80 East off-ramp. A parking permit will be required on weekdays (Monday through Friday). Transit Center users can purchase a monthly or daily permit through this online system. Daily parking permits are available for $3 and include a round trip WestCAT bus ticket to the El Cerrito Del Norte BART station. Monthly parking permits are available for $63 without a WestCAT bus pass or for $80 with a monthly WestCAT bus pass.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I buy a parking permit that includes fares for the Lynx service?

Not at this time. The Lynx service is operated by WestCAT separately and independently from BART. Separate fares and payments are required for transportation on the Lynx direct-to-San Francisco bus service. More information on Lynx service packages can be obtained at

Is there handicap parking?

Yes, handicap parking spaces are available, however all vehicles must have a daily or monthly parking permit.

Why do we have to pay for parking?

Even though the facility may seem like a big empty lot, the Transit Center does require maintenance and police services. The parking fees help cover those expenses. In 2005, BART passed several resolutions approving parking fees at different Park and Ride Facility locations, including Hercules. With the opening of the expanded center, these approved fees will now be enforced. The parking fee structure is also designed to encourage Transit Center users to ride BART, since a WestCAT bus ticket to BART is included in the pass. In effect, this provides a ‘discounted’ parking rate to the Transit Center users who choose to take BART.

What if I don’t have a credit card or internet access?

FTransit Center users who do not have a credit card or access to the internet may call 1-800-997-0197 from 8:00am to 4:00pm Monday through Friday to arrange for their payment and permit to be mailed. This method requires a money order payment to be received by Clancy Systems upon which the proper permits will be sent via US Postal Service.

Can I use Wage Works or Commuter Checks to pay for my parking permit?

Yes, you can use wage works or commuter checks to purchase monthly parking permits. Just let your employer know the amount you want the voucher for and make payable to Hercules Transit Center. As long as the payment is received by the 15th of the month, your credit card will not be charged. Never heard of Wage Works or Commuter checks? Check out

Can I still participate in a casual carpool?

The new Transit Center facility was specially designed to improve the safety and capacity of passenger loading. At the new Transit Center, motorists picking up or dropping off riders should use the east entrance, and stop alongside the platform marked with signs reading "No Parking - Loading Zone". Persons waiting for rides can now form queues on this platform without interfering with bus or automobile movements. The loading zone platform also has a wheelchair-accessible ramp.

Obtain a Monthly or Daily Permit

Patrons can register their credit card information securely. You can either print out a daily permit or request mailing of a monthly permit hang-tag. The printed daily permit includes two tear-off bus transfer instruments. The permanent transit hang tag will be mailed with a 31 day WestCAT pass. Remember, your daily or monthly pass reserves a parking space. Unless canceled, your account will be charged, your monthly parking permit will automatically renew and another 31 day WestCAT pass will be mailed to you.


Patrons now also have the option to purchase a daily permit using their cell phone. To use your cell phone, transit center users must first register at You will be prompted to create an account and enter your address, the cell phone number you will be calling from and your credit card information for billing. This is a one time process that takes approximately two minutes. There is an annual fee of $5.95 for the Park-by-Phone account. After you register, print a temporary ID card that must be placed on the dashboard of your vehicle. Patrons are also encouraged to write the location code 12181013 on the back of the ID Card. A permanent ID card will be mailed to you for long term use.

Reserved Parking

Reserved Permit Spaces allow riders to park in any of the 422 spaces within the designated parking area. Reserved Permit holders are not required to validate their parking. Holders may park overnight only if authorized to do so and only in areas specifically designated for overnight parking. Additional guidelines and terms may be found on signs posted at the parking facilities.