Welcome to the Danville, California
Parking Permit Purchasing Center

A downtown employee parking permit is required to park downtown. Employee permit parking areas are now divided into three "zones" throughout Downtown. The "zones" are colored white, red, and blue on the Downtown Danville Employee Permit Parking Brochure for reference purposes. When applying for a permit for Zone 2 ("red") or Zone 3 ("blue"), it is required that your place of business or employment is in the immediate vicinity. All permit holders are eligible to park in Zone 1 ("white"). Please reference the permit parking map when determining your parking zone. Additionally, parking zones are posted in the field on existing parking signs.
The cost for an employee permit varies:

  • Zone 1 - $25 p/yr
  • Zone 2 - $50 p/yr
  • Zone 3 - $50 p/yr

Permit Stickers

Employee parking permit stickers shall be placed by affixing it to the inside windshield on the lower left-hand side (driver's side).